You’re Here Because You Want More

  • More than your 9-5

  • More time with your family

  • More income

  • More freedom

  • More impact

But Something is Holding You Back

  • You think you don’t have the right business or property experience

  • You think you don’t have enough money

  • You think you don’t have enough time

  • You think it’s think it’s not for ‘people like me’

  • You’ve been on courses before and they haven’t worked for you


These things held me back too…

I’m Stephanie

It’s lovely to ‘meet’ you.

I’m Co-Founder of HMO Heaven and Rent 2 Rent Success with my sister Nicky.

And our complementary skills are so perfect for our business together that it feels as though our business was always meant to happen.

You perhaps know me through property.
But I wasn’t always in property.
Just a few years ago things were so different.

Stephanie Taylor (left) and Nicky Taylor (right) Co-Founders of HMO Heaven and Rent 2 Rent Success

Stephanie Taylor (left) and Nicky Taylor (right) Co-Founders of HMO Heaven and Rent 2 Rent Success

Stephanie & NIcky with Mummy T

Stephanie & NIcky with Mummy T

It’s not overstating things to say that starting our property business in 2016 transformed our lives.

And with so many failures to look back on, I know I wouldn’t have had the courage to try if it hadn’t been for the phone call which changed everything.

An every day happening which changed my world.

My Mum telephoned me one sunny morning while I was getting ready for work in my beautiful Harbourside flat in Bristol.

Getting ready for the onslaught that was life at the bank.

The Elephant in the Room - We spend all our time earning money we don’t have time to enjoy! We neglect the people and things which matter to us most, to do it!

The Elephant in the Room - We spend all our time earning money we don’t have time to enjoy! We neglect the people and things which matter to us most, to do it!

Mum didn’t call me in the mornings.
Mum rarely asks for anything.
That’s’ why I should have taken it more seriously.

Mum was ill.
And she tried to sound upbeat.
I could hear that she was scared.
She called because she needed the reassurance we all need when we feel sick and anxious and scared.

And I feel so ashamed.
I was worried while we were on the phone.
Yes about Mum.
But also, I was worried about work.
And being on time.
And the project meeting.
And the presentation.


And and and…
All these other things that I thought were so important

That was the day something changed for me.
Because as I sat at my desk that afternoon.
It hit me like a punch in the stomach.

It was the moment when I let myself see, what my heart already knew.
My Mum was scared and alone in Birmingham.
And I still went to work in Bristol.

I should have been with my Mum.

And that actually nothing was more important.
Not the projects or the project meetings or deadlines or the presentations.
Because the bank would have been absolutely fine without me,
But my Mum wouldn't.
For me that well-paid contracting job at the bank was like a prison
I needed the work to fund the lifestyle that I didn’t have time to enjoy

What if Mum was really ill and I wanted to go to Birmingham for months at a time?
What if Mum was well and I wanted to enjoy more time with her?

What hit me that day was that I wanted to be able to choose to prioritise my life to the people and the things that mattered to me the most.

And that's when I knew that I had to make it my reality to have more flexibility,
And to have a passion and a vision and a proper life, not just a job.
And that day, I made making the leap a MUST,
And I finally committed to feeling the fear and doing it anyway.


💕Mum is fine now.
In fact she’s better than fine, she turned 71 and has a new zest for life.
A couple of years ago, Mum was having problems with her knee and I thought walking might help.
I bought us all a fitbit and we had a family leaderboard.

Nicky and I faded away after a year or so and Mum is still going strong walking over 20,000 steps every single day.
I’m so proud of her dedication.
She feels younger and healthier than she has in years.

💕We spend more time together.
Mum is looking after our gran who is 93 so at the moment she wants to stay in Birmingham.
This business means that we know that when Mum is ready we can buy her a house here and we’re already on the lookout for it


In the last few years we’ve had business and financial success too which far exceeds what I thought possible at the start.


🎯Built a thriving HMO management business with a turnover of over £400k

🎯Systemised our business and employed a full-time Property Assistant

🎯Brought in contracts worth over £2m over the terms

🎯Started Rent 2 Rent Success to help others achieve success

🎯And we’ve bought property worth over £1m

The HMO Heaven Team, l-r Stephanie, Luke and Nicky

The HMO Heaven Team, l-r Stephanie, Luke and Nicky


Excited Woman.png

I waited until I was 45 to start HMO Heaven.
And am amazed by what has happened in 3 short years.

But what if I’d started 13 years ago or 23 years ago?
All those years I struggled financially as a single parent, if only I’d known.

Our passion now is to help others to realise that Yes You Can!

⭐You can invest in property with little money

⭐You can sack your boss within a year

⭐You can create a life you love

Everything you need for success is already within you.

The first step is to believe it is possible for you.
Our wish for you is that you realise before we did!

Now we spend most of my time helping professionals create a profitable property business, escape the 9-5 and live a life they love.

Rent 2 Rent Success is not a faceless business, we care about you and your success.

We care deeply because we are you.
We were where you are and have created a path for you to follow.

Our Rent 2 Rent Kickstarter Programme is special because, unlike many similar courses, it’s not just a one or two day course with an upsell to a year long mentorship and no support with putting the course into action.

Kickstarter rent to rent training is an action programme where you implement what you learn with our support. We’ve made the course 2 months rather than 2 days as we know that makes our students more successful is the support and coaching.

And you get all the actual documents, contracts, templates and checklists we use within our business to be successful.

We’d love to work with you and help you to escape your 9-5.
We wish you every success!

Stephanie & Nicky



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